Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cheeseballs in the Air

Lori (right) approached me after the flight to thank me for bringing the cheeseballs on the plane. She explained to me that she and her family were returning from her Aunt Lillian's funeral and their spirts were lifted as they watched me spread cheeseballs throughout the cabin of the plane. She told me I reminded me of her Aunt who had just passed away, and the craziest tihng of all is that Aunt Lillian had a thing with cheeseballs too! She would always have the big container at her home when they came to visit. We hugged and spoke of God's faithfulness to use something as silly as cheeseballs to remind us He sees and cares about what we're going through.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

You never know when you'll develop an appetite

Cheeseballs for Lemonade?

Cheeseballs Go to Church

Check out a cool church: And a cool Pastor...
... who sort of gets excited about silly things and will make you laugh a lot.

Cheeseballs and Softballs

Cheeseballs and Golf Balls

Cheeseballs and Volleyballs

Feeding the Waterfowl Makes the Water Foul


Best Buy and Radio Shack

She heard me speak at her high school months earlier and my cheeseballs caught her attention at Best Buy!

I met these precious girls at Radio Shack!

Bringing Smiles to Caribou Coffee

Cheeseballs Do it All

Fishies Like Cheeseballs Too

Roller Gardens

This young lady heard me speak at Chaska HS, approached me on the skating rink, and then we discovered we have the same promise/purity ring! Fun!

Karaoke Night at Overflow