Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cruisin' with Cheeseballs

Cheeseballs Keep the Boundaries Clear

My cheeseballs provide a safe buffer against advances and provide protection from temptation.

Cheeseballs Head South

I met Tracy and Kenny on the side of the road in Tennessee! They were on their way to their honeymoon and were trying to take pictures by the water. I was glad to help take some photos of them and share in their big day!

Cheeseball Chick turns Super

Cheeseball Super Chic has a crush on The Incredible Hulk.

Minnesota State Fair

I paid the kind bus driver with cheeseballs for her willingness to stop and wait as I chased the bus down for a ride.
She reall liked them!
I met these guys on the bus.
The traffic man was working hard and deserved some cheeseballs!
Renee helped me find my sleep numbe at the Sleep Number booth at the fair. She was particular interested in my cheeseballs because they are a part of her horses' daily diet!
I ran into this nice man (my dad!) at the fair!
I am not sure what these are... goats?

I was actually really scared to be this close to a cow. He kept staring at me. Or was it a she? I think a cow is always a she, right? Hmmm...
My cheeseballs were well liked by the carnies. They actually got me a few free game plays and a free prize!

Making Friends at the State Fair

Dave Clutter, a DJ from KTIS, humored me by showing me and my cheeseballs some attention.
If you live in or near Minneapolis/St. Paul, check out
Dave was a great sport and I am so glad to have shared a cheeseball with him!

Ryan and Paige recognized me as a speaker they had at Chaska High School. They paid me sweet compliments and we spent a good time talking and laughing in the Grand Stand.

The girls were so sweet! And they genuinly loved the cheeseballs!
Anna and her sons, Chris and Ben, met me at the KTIS booth. She came up to me saying she had heard about me, the girl who carries cheeseballs on her back, two weeks earlier!

I met Tiffany and Rosa when they caught up to me to get a picture and some cheeseballs.
Mac flagged me down, recognizing me from when I spoke at his high school last spring!
Josh and Josh thought my cheeseballs were the best thing at the fair!
I met Eva and Ben and their parents at the fair. They were very enthusiastic about seeing me "go places" with the cheeseballs!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cheeseballs Bring Comfort in Painful Times

Notice the smile on my nephew Nolan's face... this is not normal for a 7 year old who just broke his arm. Could it be the presence of Auntie Molly? Or perhaps the cheeseballs?

The Cheeseballs didn't work too well on the doctor, but Nolan felt some extra comfort with them near!
Nolan was a great sport after breaking his arm and having to wear a cast. He did milk me for more cheeseballs than normal, though!

Even Arthur's Jewelers embraces Cheeseballs!

Katie accompanied me to Arthur's Jewelers to ahhh... well... just browse around for no particular reason, really... well... anyway - we met Mandy, who proved to be the sweetest part of our day! She took genuine interest in us and our stories. I can only hope we and the cheeseballs made her feel as valuable as she made us feel!
These kids jumped on the photo opp and free cheeseballs while their parents browsed for rings.

Out on the Town

Check out my friend, Donny Todd, at
I met Nick while listening to Donny play. We enjoyed a good chat and this quote was the hightlight of my evening: "Seriously. You ride a motorcycle, you carry cheeseballs around and you're a virgin!? I think I need a picture with you!"

More fun times with new acquaintances!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cheeseballs go to Toronto, Canada on Missions Trip

I had the privilege of being a leader with this group as we served the city of Toronto, Canada.

I met these curious folks at a resturant along the way. Notice how comfortable everyone is! Cheeseballs break the ice!

I had fun with this group!

Random kids on a random street.

He liked my cheeseballs too.
At an info booth - notice the awe!

I met this cute little girl in the park. She must have eaten close to 20 cheeseballs before I cut her off!
Katie Hatton - I like you!

I met this little league team in Culvers while traveling through Chicago.