Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cheeseballs Visit the Animal Humane Society

You HAVE to check out this video! I did nothing to set it up!

Important Doctors like Cheeseballs!

Gary L. Rose, MD is the President for the Medical Institue for Sexual Health.
I had the privelege of meeting Dr Rose at a conference in Texas and was honored that he ate some of my cheeseballs!

Cheeseballs Go South to Texas!

I met Jennifer at the info booth at the Austin Airport. She helped me find a shuttle and really really like my cheeseballs!
Jamie became my instant friend when I met her in the airport with my cheeseballs. We hung out the whole conference and pretty much laughed the whole time!
Cheeseballs brought me and Janelle together too!

Cheeseball Bling

Beachballs and Cheeseballs

Jason Rich - American Idol Contestant

Cheeseballs and Mountain Scooters

This is a pretty sweet way to travel down a mountain... or a little hill.
Either way, it's pretty cool!

Ziplining at Trout Lake Camp

I had a blast loving the junior highers for a week at Trout Lake Camp. They definately loved my cheeseballs! My prayer is that they got to know the real joy giver, Jesus Christ, through my talks each night at chapel.

Zip Lining! Whahoo!!!