Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheeseballs and Man's Best Friend

Kids Love Em!

Holly and Molly at the park.

Great draw for kids... but beware... you could end up with a following that is hard to escape!

Wisdom from Children...

Daniel and Nolan discuss whether cheeseballs, as good as they are, are a need or a want.

Cheeseballs Teach Honesty

Check out how my nephew Daniel gets a lesson in honesty through cheeseballs!

Cheeseballs score cool points as an Auntie!

Yeah I know, I'm a pretty cool Auntie!
Everytime I go to see my niece, Abby, she points at my cheeseballs and gets excited :). I have noticed a significant increase in her affection toward me eversince I started wearing cheeseballs!

My nephews like my cheeseballs... A LOT!

Cheeseballs... Great way to get kids to do things (like picking up toys)!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Keys Cafe

New Friends at Panera

Girls, it was great meeting you tonight! I will be speaking at your school on May 28 and 29. I hope to see you then!

Rachel went above and beyond her Panera responsibilities and humored me by trying out the cheeseballs!

Thanks for posing with me, Kaying!

Espresso Donut Company (Go there!)

Laura and BJ, what a great time it was talking to you! Thanks so much for asking me your "God Questions" and other ponderings in life :). Remember what I drilled into you... knowing God, it's all about knowing God!
I met Silvia, the owner of Epresso Donut Company, a few months ago, and got to chat with her about business. When I walked in today with my cheeseballs, she recognized me and wasn't afraid to try them out! Please support her shop by visiting it in St. Paul.

Making Friends at Famous Daves!

Thanks for eating my cheeseballs!

Look at his face... priceless!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Must See Cheeseball Testimony! (Please watch!)

I'd be honored if you watched my video the awesome experience in TCF and Cub Foods!
Cassidy's eyes lit up when she saw my cheeseballs in TCF Bank! Thanks for asking for one, Cassidy! Your adorable smile made my day! :)
I met the Minnetonka HS Girl's Golf team at Cub Foods and Alanah (right) recognized my name as a speaker her friend had heard month's before! That night, Alanna's youth leader contacted me to schedule me to talk to her girls! Thanks Alanah! (watch the video above for more on this story!)

The UofM Drum Major ate my cheeseballs!

I met Aaron (left) and some of the other band members at Annie's Parlor. They were celebrating that Aaron just became the Drum Major. Congrats, Aaron, and thanks for eating my cheeseballs!

I overheard these gals talking about my cheeseballs at the table behind me... next thing you know, they're eating my cheeseballs and snapping photos with me!

Sarah, thanks for being a great server.... yummy malts!

Youth Encounter Minneapolis

My cheeseballs and I fit in quite well with the teenagers!
Aren't they cute!?

Lisa, I am so glad you tracked me down to talk. I am so proud of you for your maturity and I have a lot of confidence that you will stay strong! Remember your most important relationship - God!


Great time, girls! Thanks for opening up to me and asking for advice! Now follow it, k!? :)

Popular among animals (and teenage boys).

Look at the amazement on her face :).
Caleb was a cutie and wasn't shy to eat my cheeseballs!

Mike was there from the beginning of this idea. He was on the plane from Virginia Beach to Minneapolis where I first carried the cheeseballs!

Joy... look at that joy!

I had fun going out to eat with you girls!

Nice Vanna action, Lisa!

Yup, everyone loves cheeseballs.

Pat was the dining room hostess at the Marriot Hotel where the conference was and she was really excited about my cheeseballs! Pat, you were so sweet! Meeting you was a great start to my day!

Brittany and Chrissy, thanks for asking me to chat with you Friday night and for sharing your lives with me. Don't forget what we talked about, how valuable you both are and how the most important thing is to get to know Jesus!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Visiting Jim at Home Depot

Ah, Jim... it's always good to see you! I hope you feel proud that you helped create something that is bringing smiles to so many people! It was nice visiting with you again! I'll be sure to stop in to Home Depot again soon and give you updates!

Kermit (sweet name!) and Dale took a break from shopping to snack on some cheeseballs.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Cheeseballs go Rock Climbing!

This made it slightly more challenging, but I was able to snack as I climbed.

I provided nourishment to the staff at Veritcal Endeavors.

One of these girls heard me speak at her school and introduced herself to me... she said she liked my talk... phew!

These adorable kids tracked me down and asked for cheeseballs!

I had so many people asking for cheeseballs, that I could hardly get any climbing in! Ah, but it was worth it!