Monday, March 31, 2008

Cheeseballs score points with teenagers

Kayla, Kelly, Kelly and Brittany, I had a great time sharing with you at the Youth Encoutner weekend! Thanks for loving on me and my cheeseballs!

This is what I do on my one day off...

Special thanks to Nolan, my super cool nephew, who plays the "little boy" in this video and to my creative and super fun brother, Andy, who filmed this and led in writing and singing the song.

Great for Teaching Motor Skills!

Cheeseballs may not be for Everyone (but they should be!)

I quickly became popular at the resturant!

This guy actually came to the table specifically to ask for a cheeseball! Yes!

Totally Kid Friendly and Parent Approved!

From Complete Strangers to Friends... all because of Cheeseballs!

Abbey and Hayley flagged me down at the resturant and wanted to hear all about the cheeseballs.
My cheeseballs and I made friends with this guy too... if you're reading this, remind me of your name!

My cheeseballs caught their attention and before you know it, I was sitting at their booth. Thanks for wanting to hear the cheeseball story, guys!

Cheeseballs Make the Day!

Everyone Loves Cheeseballs!

Anthony not only helped me with my luggage, he helped himself to my cheeseballs (on several different occassions over the weekend!).

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dispenser Demo

Jim is the COOLEST Home Depot Employee!

Jim, we are forever indebted to your creativity and kindness in helping develop and construct the cheeseball dispensing system! We had so much fun with you at Home Depot! May you get many many raises!

Andy had an idea of inserting a handle from the sides, but Jim trumped his idea.

Broken Seal = Contamination

Preoccupied with an indepth conversation, you may never know whose hands are contaminating your cheeseballs. Just one more reason to create a sanitary dispensing system.

Never Leave Home without Them!

Great Way to Pick Up Guys

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trains, Planes and... Motorcycles!

Introducing... The Cheeseball Snack Pack

I actually ran with these for 20 minutes.

Friends are Cool with Reaching in... Strangers aren't

My friends had no problem reaching in to a community case of cheeseballs, but it became very clear that the only way strangers would be ok with taking my cheeseballs was if I could prove that the cheeseballs were sanitary and noone's hands had ever been in the container. So thus began the brainstorming.

Drawing Plans for the Cheeseball Harness

Micah and Katie became enthusiastically involved and designed the cheeseball harness while bowling in Lansing, Iowa. Thanks guys!

Sizing up the Container

I constructed the cheeseball harness using only yellow duct tape. The container goes in and out of the harness very easily and the straps are one size fits all (well almost all).

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Vision

So it all began at a youth conference I did in Virginia. Some friends who knew me too well encouraged me to travel home with a huge container of cheeseballs. Remembering that airlines no longer serve pretzels or peanuts, I decided to bring my own snack. As I walked through the airport (alone) carrying the huge cheeseball container, I was delighted to see how many smiles appeared as my cheeseballs and I walked by. I ended up having conversations I never would have had had it not been for my cheeseballs. I even got announced on the intercom several times on the plane as "The Cheeseball Lady" who was handing out snacks in 9D.

Stuck in Chicago, Ohare airport for 5 hours, I ended up making a lot of friends because of my cheeseballs. No one wanted to eat them, though I offered, but everyone was interested in chatting about them. There were so many cheeseball induced conversations and I really started to grow fond of this cumbersome burden.

After relaying my cheeseball airport adventure to some friends, and seeing how laughter and smiles were spread to even them as listeners, I decided that the airport adventure could not be the end. Oh no, it was only the beginning.