Saturday, September 20, 2008

Making Friends at the State Fair

Dave Clutter, a DJ from KTIS, humored me by showing me and my cheeseballs some attention.
If you live in or near Minneapolis/St. Paul, check out
Dave was a great sport and I am so glad to have shared a cheeseball with him!

Ryan and Paige recognized me as a speaker they had at Chaska High School. They paid me sweet compliments and we spent a good time talking and laughing in the Grand Stand.

The girls were so sweet! And they genuinly loved the cheeseballs!
Anna and her sons, Chris and Ben, met me at the KTIS booth. She came up to me saying she had heard about me, the girl who carries cheeseballs on her back, two weeks earlier!

I met Tiffany and Rosa when they caught up to me to get a picture and some cheeseballs.
Mac flagged me down, recognizing me from when I spoke at his high school last spring!
Josh and Josh thought my cheeseballs were the best thing at the fair!
I met Eva and Ben and their parents at the fair. They were very enthusiastic about seeing me "go places" with the cheeseballs!

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Anonymous said...

hay this is tori roland from troutlake camp i miss you alot your the best we should hang out sometime. see yaw. p.s. just tell you i from edinbrook church