Saturday, September 20, 2008

Minnesota State Fair

I paid the kind bus driver with cheeseballs for her willingness to stop and wait as I chased the bus down for a ride.
She reall liked them!
I met these guys on the bus.
The traffic man was working hard and deserved some cheeseballs!
Renee helped me find my sleep numbe at the Sleep Number booth at the fair. She was particular interested in my cheeseballs because they are a part of her horses' daily diet!
I ran into this nice man (my dad!) at the fair!
I am not sure what these are... goats?

I was actually really scared to be this close to a cow. He kept staring at me. Or was it a she? I think a cow is always a she, right? Hmmm...
My cheeseballs were well liked by the carnies. They actually got me a few free game plays and a free prize!

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